My projects and work.

I work as an Investment Engineer for finccam. My job is to use modern cloud technologies to deliver our puristic take on investing. I work at the intersection between financial engineering and software development.

I'm a co-founder and software engineer of the website which aims to bring together German scholarship holders.

I worked as a Research Assistant for two semesters at the chair of financial mathematics. I helped found a German-Canadian Research School and looked into crypto currencies.

I help different (religious) groups and societies build websites for free. I have so far assisted the creation of three websites. They include one group that does grief conselling ( in my home town and one society that helps a small Ecuadorian village (

I worked as a Teaching Assistant for two semesters teaching students the courses Analysis I and II. This involved correcting homework and weekly teaching.

I have written a documentation generator for Eclipse Smarthome bindings. They are pieces of software that connect a smarthome setup running on Eclipse software with devices in the house such as lights or blinds.