Using Astro for my personal website

Written by Alexander Kammerer on (last updated on )

This website has gotten a huge update today. Before, I simply had some self written HTML pages that were using some theme I found online.

Now, thanks to the stream of @t3dotgg and @FreckleBytes I am using Astro together with Tailwind. This tweet contains some information from @FredKSchott the co-creator of Astro.

Using the blog starter template directly from the Astro website it was very easy to get the first version up and running.

I proceeded to add Tailwind and deployed everything using Vercel. Some adjustments to the blog articles, the general layout, adding an Impressum (I live in Germany), and copying some stuff from the old website later and I was done!

I highly recommend trying this out. It is very easy to get started, does not involve a lot of boilerplate, and is highly extendable and customizable.