My Work

I currently work for a small asset management firm in Munich called finccam. I mainly work with Python and R. Some recent packages / frameworks that have sparked my interest include: HTMX, AlpineJS, and for this website Astro. I have also worked extensively with Azure Function Apps.

My daily work includes the following:

I started my career writing HTML for the school website. From there, I quickly learned some PHP, CSS, and Javascript and started working on larger website projects.

At university, I got to know programming in Java, Python, and R. I did some internships during my studies and some notable things include:

These are some of the projects I currently work on or have worked on:

I work as an Investment Engineer for finccam. My job is to use modern cloud technologies to deliver our puristic take on investing. I work on the intersection between financial engineering and software development.
I created a Age of Empires 2 random civilization selector. For some time, I played a lot of AoE2 DE with my friends. The main problem for us with the built in random generator was that it kept repeating civilizations while we wanted to play every civilization at least once before playing some twice. I used Vue to create a small application that will remember the civilizations you already played and also lets you filter civilizations.
I'm a co-founder and software engineer of the website which aims to bring together German scholarship holders.
I have written a documentation generator for Eclipse Smarthome bindings. They are pieces of software that connect a smarthome setup running on Eclipse software with devices in the house such as lights or blinds.